Regardless of your business size, you should definitely look into cloud hosting. But maybe you’re not the most tech savvy person around. Don’t feel bad!

After all, hosting changes seemingly overnight.

Thinking about cloud hosting, but confused on the benefits of shared cloud hosting vs. dedicated? We are here to clear the air!

Dedicated Hosting

Let’s start off with the more standard of the two options: dedicated hosting.

Unlike shared cloud hosting, dedicated hosting places your site on its own server. This is great if you’ve got tons of data you need to access.

There’s also the issue of bandwidth. For the uninitiated, bandwidth correlates to speed and ease of access of your site. You may want to stick with dedicated hosting if your website gets large amounts of traffic.

This way visitors can quickly and easily navigate your site without any hiccups.

And make no mistake, speed is important. Studies show that most people expect a web page to load in no less than 2 seconds. Every second after that sees more people leaving your site.

That’s a lot of potential revenue lost.

Shared Cloud Hosting

However, there’s always a chance that you’re a smaller business. Therefore, your hosting needs will be pretty different than those of a larger company.

If cost is an issue, shared hosting is likely going to be your best bet. Especially if you’re a small business, hosting costs can be tremendously detrimental.

Good news, though! Shared hosting doesn’t cost much at all, depending on the size of your company and its needs.

This is the biggest reason why shared hosting is preferred by many businesses. After all, that’s extra money you can use to put back into your business.

However, there are definitely drawbacks. When analyzing shared cloud hosting, think of it like your hard drive.

If you’ve ever gone into the ‘My Computer’ or ‘Finder’ sections of your computer, you’ve undoubtedly seen your hard drive’s space allotment. With shared hosting, your website will be hosted alongside the sites of others. In essence, you’re sharing your hard drive with other people.

Since you’re sharing space, it’ll take a bit longer to reach your site, especially if you experience an increase in traffic. There’s also a bit more risk involved in sharing a server. If one site on the server goes down, they likely all will.

The Bottom Line

Your hosting needs will ultimately come down to the size of your business or team.

If you’re getting thousands of visitors per month, you’ll want dedicated hosting. It’s faster, and you won’t have to worry about other sites dragging down your traffic time.

If you’re operating a small business site or a blog, make no mistake, shared cloud hosting is your better bet. It’ll save you money, and the ease of access can’t be beaten.

Whether you choose dedicated or shared cloud hosting, let us help you with all your hosting needs. Get in touch today!