Are you looking for a way to improve your company’s website and increase your client base?

Managed WordPress hosting can be an effective way to accomplish both of those goals.

According to Torque, nearly 27 percent of the internet is powered by WordPress. But to make the most of all that WordPress has to offer, you should use a managed service for your website.

Read on to learn why cheap WordPress hosting can help take your website to the next level.

Increase Website Speed

In today’s digital age, the speed of your website matters — a lot.

According to Google, a half-second delay in load time caused site traffic to drop 20 percent. Delays in website speed impact user experience, but can also cause your bottom line to suffer. A 2015 study by Amazon found that 100 milliseconds of latency cost them 1 percent in sales!

When you hire a company to manage your WordPress hosting, they monitor your website. This helps you ensure it is running at a high speed and allows users to have a positive experience.

If you do not check website speeds or know how to improve them, you may miss out on valuable revenue opportunities.

Receive Support From Experts

Cheap WordPress hosting also allows you to enjoy the services of trained experts. They have experienced professionals trained on how to handle digital marketing.

They also know how to change your website to adapt the best way to an evolving environment online. They do this by using a team that has the knowledge and resources to react fast and keep your website up and running.

From HTML to WordPress, these professionals can identify small issues when they start. This helps you save time and money because smaller problems do not become big, costly ones.

Maintain a Secure Site

Your website should be secure to be efficient and help visitors to be confident when they are using it.

A survey by American Express found that nearly 40 percent of consumers stopped a purchase online over security concerns. Needless to say, website security should matter to your business.

Managed website hosting helps your business stay current on important security updates. These hosts will also take precautions to cut down on your chances of a website security breach.

A security breach can bring delay a sale or bring your business to a halt. It can also cause negative publicity for your company. This may create reputation issues your business cannot recover from.

Wrapping Up: Cheap WordPress Hosting Works

Managed WordPress hosting can be an effective way for you to maximize the features of this unique platform.

You will benefit from working with experienced professionals who are experts in the field and dedicated to improving your website.

At Unica Host, we are serious about your business needs and website security risks. We listen to our customers so that we are offering the solutions that fulfill a need and help your website operate more efficiently.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your company’s web presence.