Ever had a hard drive fail while you were using a computer?

Not to name any names, but … has the developer of your operating system ever forced your computer to update and deleted a bunch of your data?

If you’ve never experienced either of the above scenarios–or some equally unpleasant hardware failure–it’s only a matter of time before you do. Hard drives don’t last forever and software, much like its creators, does err on occasion.

That’s why backups are critically important.

Thankfully, with the advent of personal cloud storage, backing up your data has never been easier.

While hard drives are, in general, becoming more reliable, they are still mechanical devices that are prone to failure. Most don’t last more than three years.

Keep reading for a closer look at 3 reasons why you should back up your data with personal cloud storage.

1. Cloud storage is always available

This is probably the most compelling argument for using cloud storage for backups: your data is available anywhere, at any time.

If your computer is having issues or you simply need to access some files from another machine, cloud storage is your friend. Many personal cloud storage providers also give you access to your data right on your mobile device through the browser or an app.

2. Cloud storage makes sharing and collaborating easy

Having data that’s always available from a number of different devices also makes sharing your data super simple.

Rather than emailing large files back and forth with coworkers or family, just upload anything you need to share. Sharing individual files or folders with others is simple with personal cloud storage.

Real-time collaboration has also become a must-have tool for many businesses. Giving coworkers the ability to work on the same project from different locations in real-time is much easier than shuffling revisions back and forth through email or other mediums.

3. Cloud storage provides a safe, offsite location for your backups

Having your data backed up on an external hard drive is a good idea–whether you’re using the cloud or not.

If an external hard drive is your only backup, it’s not so great when someone breaks into your home and steals your computer and your backup. It’s also not so great in the event of a fire, flood, power surge, or any other unpleasant event that strikes your home or apartment.

Personal cloud storage puts your important files in a secure location away from your home. Let’s face it, bad things happen, even if you’re prepared. Having an extra layer of protection with an offsite cloud backup can make a bad situation much less bad.

In conclusion

While it may not solve all potential storage problems, personal cloud storage is a very useful tool that can accommodate a variety of file management needs.

To sum it up, cloud storage gives you:

1. Instant, 24/7 availability to your files,

2. A super simple way to share and collaborate, and

3. A safe, offsite storage location for your files or backups.

If you’re not using personal cloud storage for your backup or collaboration needs, today is a great time to check out your options.

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