As a budding business, you want nothing more than to be searchable, right? So, you might be asking well how do I rank at the top of the results list?

Pick the right domain name.

Domain SEO should be your main concern when you are choosing your domain name.

Yes, you want it to be creative. Yes, you want it to be catchy and reflective of your brand.  But you also want it to rank high when someone is searching for your service.

Follow these tips before you take the leap and buy your domain.

Is your Domain Brandable?

The purpose of your domain is for users to be able to research, find, and share your company online.

Keep in mind: your brand will be built around your domain.

Whether it be on social media or via a browser search, your domain is the primary way that users will be able to figure out where the link will lead them.

Tips for Creating your Domain Name

Use a .com extension

.net, .co, .us, .me, the list goes on and on. There are many different extensions to choose from but there is a reason that .com is the most popular.

75% of all companies have a .com extension.

When users are going to search for you, chances are they are going to try out the .com extension.

Be creative with your Domain SEO

While it was once to very common to utilize a keyword domain, that method is no longer considered most effective.

In 2012, Google had an algorithm update which resulted in fewer keyword domains appearing in the search results.

Put time into brainstorming ideas for your domain. You want it to be unique just like your company.

In many cases, a more common domain name will already be in existence and the cost to buy it from its current owner can be high.

Keep it easy to spell

This is a big one. Make sure your domain name is easy to spell.

Sometimes it may feel like you are turning a blind eye to your brand if you choose something less intricate but this is not the case.

It is a good idea to purchase domain names that are similar to yours or what someone might accidentally type in if they were to misspell your domain.

Avoid hyphens

Often hyphens are used by those that are trying to plagiarize someone else’s idea.

Additionally, domain names with hyphens often look as though they might be spam.

Stay short and sweet

Another huge mistake people tend to make is creating a domain name that is too lengthy. A shorter domain name will be much easier for the user to remember.

Use existing words

There is no reason that you should be recreating the wheel. You want to use words that already exist and are easy to spell.

Have more Questions? Contact us!

Not feeling 100% ready to take the plunge? The best place to start is by contacting a professional that can go into even more detail about the importance of domain SEO for you.

We can help you with finding the best domain fit for your company. You’ll be ranking high on the search result lists in no time!