Have you heard that the ecommerce solution, Prestashop hosting, is currently used by around 250,000 shops across the globe in 60 different languages? Prestashop has become extremely popular for ecommerce business owners.

Prestashop hosting has allowed anybody in the world to start an online store for free and the shopping cart platform has partnered with large corporations such as eBay, Amazon, and PayPal to enable entrepreneurs to start small businesses online.

However, when you first dip your toes in creating an ecommerce business, you will likely need tips in Prestashop. You’ll need to know where to begin.

Continue reading to learn four key tips for using the Prestashop platform and get your business up and running.

Installing Prestashop hosting on your website

The first step you need to take is to download the latest version of Prestashop on the official website. Then you will need to open up the program locally from your computer.

The package will need to be uploaded through the cPanel’s File Manager. The uploaded program should be under your public_html directory or possibly under a subfolder within this directory.

You will also need to create a new database before beginning to install Prestashop hosting. The corresponding user will need to be adjoined to this database.

You may need to follow the MySQL Database Tutorial to complete these last steps.

Adding products to Prestashop

When looking to add products to your Prestashop, you will first need to login to the administration section and then click on the Catalog tab. Then click on the “Add a new subcategory” button.

Once a new page pops up, you’ll need to add more specific details for the category. If you’re using multiple languages, be sure to add descriptions under the language icon. Don’t forget to save your work.

Afterward, you’ll be able to add new products under the category. First, go to the Catalog page and press the “sample category” link.

Then you can click on “add new product” button and fill out all relevant details about your product. Be sure to save!

Including payment options on Prestashop

After installing Prestashop and adding your products to the platform, you will need to make sure payment methodology is included as well.

Once again, you need to log into your admin section. Then navigate to the “payment” tab.

At this point, you can install and configure a number of different payment options through your Prestashop platform.

Prestashop enables you to incorporate PayPal, PaysafeCard, Google Checkout, CashTicket, bank wire transfers, checks, Moneybooker, and a few others.

Improving the speed of your Prestashop website

You may find that the speed of your online store is inferior. If this happens, there are a number of ways you can increase the speed of your website.

First, you can spend an extra few dollars per month to buy a premium web hosting package.

Also, you should uninstall any unused modules and consider offloading your e-store’s statistical data.

These four tips should help you start an ecommerce business and take part in Prestashop hosting.